Achieving Rupert on Rupert’s 168% net follower increase

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Rupert on Rupert, a distinctive Collingwood restaurant and events venue, sought to revitalise its online presence and engage a broader audience through strategic social media management. Recogniging the pivotal role visuals play in the food and beverage industry, a professional photoshoot was organised to capture the essence of their new menu. With a goal to elevate their brand on Instagram and Facebook, our team took charge of social media accounts, implementing a tailored approach to content curation, algorithm optimisation, and online approval workflows.


The challenge lay in harmonising Rupert on Rupert’s unique charm and aesthetic with a captivating online narrative. Our aim was to not only increase the follower base but also enhance user interactions, comments, and overall engagement across platforms. It required a meticulous approach to grid feed curation, caption crafting, and algorithmic understanding to ensure that the online representation resonated authentically with the venue’s in-person allure.


Our solution involved a multifaceted strategy, beginning with the orchestration of a professional photoshoot that visually translated the vibrancy of Rupert on Rupert’s culinary offerings. We leveraged our expertise in social media management, employing algorithm optimisation techniques and grid feed curation to create a visually cohesive and engaging narrative. An efficient online approval workflow and scheduler streamlined the content creation process, ensuring timely and consistent posts.


The impact of our efforts was significant. On Instagram, Rupert on Rupert experienced a remarkable 168% increase in net followers, a 25% boost in interactions, and a substantial uptick in comments, likes, profile visits, shares, and link clicks. Facebook engagement witnessed an 84% surge in engaged users, a staggering 300% increase in comments, and notable spikes in post likes and clicks.

These results not only reflected a strengthened online presence but also translated into a more vibrant and interactive community for Rupert on Rupert.

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