marketing for
startups and SMEs

Experience the tailored expertise of Fractional Marketing, designed exclusively for startups and SMEs. Elevate your marketing strategy, gain a dedicated team, and enjoy cost-effective solutions for sustainable business growth.

What is fractional marketing?

Discover the power of tailored marketing expertise on your terms. Fractional Marketing brings you a dedicated team, monthly planning, and flexible support—all within an affordable fixed fee price.


Designed with the unique needs of small-to-medium businesses in mind, this solution ensures that marketing excellence is accessible, strategic, and perfectly aligned with your business goals.


Your complete marketing management solution

Strategic marketing partnership

Our experienced senior marketing team becomes an extension of your business, working collaboratively to understand and deliver on your goals, challenges, and target audience.

Tailored marketing services

Enjoy a range of services, from comprehensive strategy development and execution to ongoing support. We provide dedicated hours, monthly planning, and a flexible approach—all within an affordable fixed fee.

Cost-effective marketing for startups and SMEs

Save on employee costs

Unlock cost savings by eliminating the need for employee overheads, saving on salaries, recruitment fees, training expenses, payroll tax and associated overheads.

A full marketing team at half the price

Double your marketing impact while halving the costs. With our fractional marketing solution, gain access to a complete marketing team for a fraction of the price you'd pay for a full-time senior salary.

Senior marketing team

Benefit from the expertise of our seasoned marketing professionals dedicated to your success.

Dedicated hours each month

Enjoy the assurance of dedicated hours tailored to meet your specific marketing needs.

Monthly sprint planning

Stay ahead with proactive monthly planning sessions to align strategies with your business goals.

Slack channel support

Experience real-time communication and support through our dedicated Slack channel.

Gain full access to
our marketing services

Account Management

Navigate the marketing landscape with dedicated professionals steering your brand's success.

Strategy Development

Craft a roadmap for growth with strategic planning tailored to your business objectives.

Budgeting and Reporting

Ensure financial efficiency and transparency with expert budgeting and detailed performance reporting.

Social Media Management

Elevate your online presence with engaging and strategic social media schedules.

Graphic Design

Bring your brand to life visually with captivating and cohesive graphic design solutions.

Brand Management

Cultivate a strong and consistent brand identity with meticulous brand management.

Website Management

Ensure your website is consistently updated and user friendly with expert website management.

Website Maintenance

Keep your digital asset in top condition with regular website maintenance.

Paid Advertising Campaigns

Boost visibility and drive conversions with targeted and results-driven paid advertising campaigns.

MarTech Stack Management

Streamline your marketing technology for optimal performance and efficiency.

Digital Marketing

Propel your brand into the digital realm with comprehensive and effective digital marketing strategies.

Email & SMS Marketing

Cultivate direct connections with your audience through personalised email and SMS campaigns.

CRM Development

Build a solid foundation for customer relationships with customised and scalable CRM solutions.

Automation Development

Enhance productivity and efficiency with tailored automation solutions for your marketing processes.

Customer Journey Mapping

Understand and optimise your customer's experience with strategic customer journey mapping.

Marketing Research

Ground your strategies in data-driven insights with meticulous marketing research.

Event Management

Elevate your brand through seamless and memorable event experiences with expert event management.

Content Development

Tell your brand story effectively with compelling and targeted content development plans.


Craft compelling and resonant messaging with our expert copywriting services.


Seamlessly connect and optimise your marketing systems with our expert integration solutions.

Analytics & Data

Harness the power of data-driven decision-making with our advanced analytics and data insights.

Monthly marketing meetings

Stay informed and engaged with regular meetings to discuss progress and upcoming strategies.

Renewable contract

Ensure flexibility and continuity with easily renewable contracts that adapt to your evolving needs.

Affordable fixed fee pricing

Gain predictability with our transparent and affordable fixed fee pricing structure.

Tax deductible expense

Optimise your budget with the advantage of tax-deductible marketing expenses for sustainable growth.

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