Brightworks wins Most Popular Exhibitor at the AAGE Conference 2023

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In 2023, Brightworks, an early careers consultancy, set its sights on the Annual AAGE Graduate Recruitment and Development Conference, a prestigious event bringing together industry practitioners. The goal was clear—to make a memorable impact at the conference and stand out among the competition.


Competing in a crowded conference space, Brightworks needed to capture attention and leave a lasting impression on attendees. The AAGE Conference presented an opportunity to showcase their expertise in early careers consultancy.


Brightworks collaborated with us to create a vibrant and engaging event stall themed “Brightworks goes Barbie.” Our support included strategic social media teasers on LinkedIn, email campaigns leading up to the event, and post-event communications. We also provided graphic design services for the stall, flyers, and promotional materials.


The Barbie-themed stall, coupled with the pre-event buzz, led to tremendous success. Brightworks not only garnered attention but also received the coveted “Most Popular Exhibitor” award at the AAGE Conference. The stall, featuring creative branding and eye-catching design, attracted approximately 150 leads, further solidifying Brightworks’ position as a standout player in the early careers consultancy field.

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