Cycles for Awareness’ journey to a winning campaign for $20k Custom Bike

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Cycles for Awareness, an organisation passionate about mental health, embarked on a mission to break the stigma surrounding mental health battles. Focused on leveraging the therapeutic benefits of cycling, the organization initiated a campaign to donate bikes to those in need. The primary aim was to utilize the power of cycling as a tool for mental well-being.


Faced with the challenge of elevating their impact, Cycles for Awareness sought to raise funds through a $20k Custom Build raffle. To maximise the campaign’s effectiveness, they needed a comprehensive marketing strategy that could resonate with a broader audience and drive both engagement and ticket sales.


Cycles for Awareness implemented a multifaceted marketing approach, embracing a new social media strategy with an emphasis on video content, reels, and trending audio. The campaign also leveraged email and SMS marketing for targeted outreach. A Strategic Marketing Assessment ensured a data-driven strategy to optimise the impact of their efforts.


The outcomes spoke volumes about the campaign’s success. On Instagram, Cycles for Awareness witnessed a remarkable 1167% increase in net followers, a 25% rise in interactions, and a staggering 1000% surge in shares. The email marketing campaigns boasted impressive open rates, with the highest reaching an outstanding 49.8%.

The $20k Custom Build raffle not only attracted 82% new customers but also saw a significant uptake, with 295 raffle tickets sold. The campaign’s success was not just about numbers; it was about creating awareness, fostering engagement, and making a genuine impact on mental health advocacy through the simple act of cycling.

Cycles for Awareness demonstrated that a well-crafted marketing strategy, coupled with a compelling cause, could drive significant results, not only in terms of fundraising but also in spreading awareness and promoting mental health well-being.

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