How we sold out 600 tickets in 6 weeks for The Third Day in North Melbourne

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The Third Day, an industrial warehouse entertainment venue in Melbourne’s North, faced challenges due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the hospitality industry. With the cancellation or limitation of events, the venue sought a strategic approach to boost ticket sales for an upcoming in-house music event.


In the midst of a challenging environment, The Third Day aimed to sell more tickets for its live music event. With limited capacities and uncertainties surrounding event attendance, the goal was to design a social media campaign that would not only drive ticket sales but also navigate the complexities of pandemic-related restrictions.


Our team devised a comprehensive digital conversions strategy tailored to The Third Day’s unique requirements. The 6-week social media campaign, strategically timed around a 2-week lockdown, exceeded expectations. Through regular updates and continuous optimisation of ad performance, the show achieved remarkable success.


  • The event sold out, with over 500 tickets sold and numerous upsells.
  • The campaign contributed to the highest-selling non-promoter event for The Third Day.
  • The event became the venue’s highest-selling show on Eventbrite.
  • Despite challenges, ticket sales increased from 500 to the maximum occupancy of 600.
  • An additional 100 tickets were sold just 5 days before the event.
  • The live performance featuring ‘Dan Cut / Copy’ added to the event’s overall success.

This case study demonstrates our ability to navigate challenges, develop targeted strategies, and achieve exceptional results, even in a challenging market.

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