Optimising conversion rates for Settle Easy’s sales funnel to 30.08%

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Settle Easy, an online conveyancing platform streamlining property transactions, collaborated with us to enhance their Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) strategy. The goal was to establish a robust conversion and sales process roadmap, implementing new communication and conversion tools across referral channels.


Settle Easy encountered challenges in optimising their conversion rates across various referral channels. The objectives were to:

  1. Identify trends in reasons for lost leads per channel.
  2. Understand patterns or changes in referral behaviour.
  3. Address challenges per channel individually.
  4. Improve lead nurturing processes, including messaging, scripts, communication channels, and pipeline processes, tailored to each channel.
  5. Identify opportunities to convert leads with longer conversion times.
  6. Review and prioritise referral channels requiring greater investment in resources and paid advertising.


Our team devised a holistic conversion and sales process roadmap for Settle Easy, strategically aligning with the challenges identified across various referral channels. This involved implementing communication tools such as SMS, and lead scoring to enhance lead prioritisation and engagement. The integration of preferred date/time form fields and refined customer service standards further improved the user experience, fostering increased conversions.

Conducting a thorough data and conversion workshop allowed us to delve into channel-specific trends, challenges, and opportunities. Tailored solutions were crafted to optimise lead nurturing processes, messaging, and communication channels for each unique referral source. This data-driven approach ensured a targeted and effective strategy to overcome challenges and capitalise on opportunities.

In addition, our team implemented comprehensive reporting mechanisms, providing insights into conversion rates following a free contract review, evaluating performance across diverse referral channels, and offering a detailed breakdown of Google analytics for specific lead generation tools. Our website optimisation efforts included ad retargeting, customer acquisition cost analysis, and the strategic implementation of lead generation ads for sellers, contributing to a more robust online presence for Settle Easy.


The outcomes were substantial, with Settle Easy experiencing a significant increase in leads. In October, the lead count reached 359, up from 344 in August. The conversion count rose from 85 in August to 108 in October, resulting in an impressive conversion rate of 30.08%, up from 24.71% in August.

This case study highlights how our strategic CRO initiatives positively impacted Settle Easy’s lead generation and conversion rates.

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