The Brand Project joins The Startup Network as an Industry Connect Partner through Startup Victoria

The Brand Project is excited to announce its partnership with Startup Victoria, the largest independent startup community in Australia. By becoming an Industry Connect partner, The Brand Project is dedicated to empowering founders and startups, providing them with valuable resources, support, and guidance on their entrepreneurial journey.

Startup Victoria is a vibrant and influential community that fosters innovation and supports the growth of startups across Australia. As an Industry Connect partner, The Brand Project will play a pivotal role in helping Startup Victoria members achieve their business goals through customised marketing solutions and strategic guidance.

The Business Membership offered by Startup Victoria provides an exclusive opportunity for startups and founders to connect with The Brand Project, accessing tailored marketing solutions to drive their growth. By leveraging their expertise in marketing and branding, The Brand Project will work closely with Startup Victoria members to develop effective strategies, enhance their brand presence, and optimise their marketing efforts.

“We are thrilled to partner with Startup Victoria as an Industry Connect partner, enabling us to extend our support and services to the vibrant startup community,” said Beth Oleyar, Managing Director at The Brand Project. “Through our collaboration, we aim to empower founders, provide them with invaluable resources, and help them navigate the challenges of building a successful startup. Together, we will foster innovation and drive the growth of the Australian startup ecosystem,” added Fletcher Adam, Managing Director at The Brand Project.

The Brand Project is already assisting Startup Victoria members with customised marketing solutions, leveraging their expertise to help startups reach their target audience, build brand awareness, and drive customer engagement. By collaborating with The Brand Project, startups gain access to a wide range of marketing capabilities, including brand strategy, creative design, social media management, and digital marketing.

The partnership between The Brand Project and Startup Victoria is set to propel the growth and success of startups across Australia. By combining their expertise and resources, both organisations are dedicated to fostering innovation, providing invaluable support, and creating a thriving ecosystem for startups to thrive.

For further information, please contact:

Beth Oleyar or Fletcher Adam at The Brand Project, [email protected].

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