The Regional Angel Investor Network joins The Brand Project to drive regional startup success

The Brand Project is delighted to announce its client partnership with Regional Angel Investor Network, a dynamic organisation dedicated to fostering economic growth and driving innovation in regional startup ecosystems. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in The Brand Project’s commitment to supporting and empowering businesses in regional areas.

Regional Angel Investor Network, known as Regional Angels, is at the forefront of championing regional startups, providing critical investment and mentorship to fuel their growth and success. With a strong focus on regional entrepreneurship, Regional Angels aims to create vibrant ecosystems that support local talent and contribute to the economic development of regional communities.

The Brand Project is thrilled to join forces with Regional Angels, providing comprehensive marketing support and strategic guidance to propel their mission forward. Leveraging their expertise in user journey mapping, website development, brand strategy, automation development, and marketing support, The Brand Project will play a pivotal role in enhancing Regional Angels’ online presence, amplifying their message, and facilitating seamless connections within the regional startup ecosystem.

“At The Brand Project, we are passionate about fostering entrepreneurship and supporting businesses in regional areas. We are honoured to be a client partner of the Regional Angel Investor Network, an organisation that shares our vision of driving innovation and economic growth in regional communities,” said Beth Oleyar, Managing Director at The Brand Project.

The collaboration between The Brand Project and Regional Angels will encompass various strategic initiatives. The Brand Project’s expertise in user journey mapping will ensure a seamless and engaging experience for entrepreneurs seeking support from Regional Angels. Furthermore, their website development and automation development capabilities will facilitate efficient and streamlined processes, enabling Regional Angels to better connect with potential startups and investors.

To stay updated on the exciting developments resulting from this collaboration, follow The Brand Project and Regional Angels on their respective social media channels and visit their websites.

For further information, please contact:

Beth Oleyar or Fletcher Adam at The Brand Project, [email protected].

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